Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mr.Linden's Library

Lauren Grylif was a 14 year old girl. She and her twin brother Michael loved to read. Their life was perfect! They had all the books they ever wanted. That was all that mattered to Lauren.

A block away from their house was a newly built library. Nobody around town was interested in going into that library. Lauren was bored one day,so she decided to take a look around inside of this mysterious library.

"Hello there young child!"exclaimed a vice from behind the desk."I am Mr. Linden!Welcome to my library!" his voice echoed off of every wall."I need no money, for it is they key to suffering.You can rent my books for free, if you'd like." Money was no object for Lauren, but free is always good.

Lauren picked out one book,so as to not seem greedy. She had never read any of the books he had at the library before, but she planned to. Michael woud never have to know. She went up to the desk with a book called the deadly garden.

"Are you sure you want this book?" Mr. Linden asked in a quiet whisper.
"I'm sure this will do." she said happily, trying to lighten the mood. "Promise me you WILL NOT leave this book open at night while you sleep." he said, quieter this time. Librarians have the wirdest rules Lauren thought to herself.

That night Lauren disgarded the promise she made. She was awoken by a tingling sensation in her arm. A large vine was making its way up and out of the book and up her arm. Before she could scream a hand covered her mouth.

Mr.Linden had warned her, but it was too late.

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