Saturday, June 20, 2009

Captain Tory

Captain Tory

One night at 312 Maple Street a man told his grandchildren of the tale of Captain Tory. This is how the tale goes:
It all started on the ship O’really. The ship was setting sail for the island of Antigua. What they were looking for was treasure. But first they had to go get Captain Tory at the harbor. Captain Tory swung his lantern three times and slowly the schooner ship appeared.
“Welcome aboard,” said the first mate
“Yes Yes let’s get a move on,” said Captain Tory
“Aye Aye captain,” exclaimed the crew
Many days passed until the ship finally got to Antigua. Captain Tory found the place where the treasure was suppose to be and he ordered his men to start digging.
“We found something!” said one man
“Well get it out then,” replied Tory
The thing that they found was a treasure chest. Inside it were thousand of jewels and gold coins. The men were loading the chest onto the boat when cannon from a boat opened fire on them.
“I’ll take that,” said one man
He ran off until he was back on his ship.
“Get to the boat!” yelled Tory

The O’really followed the ship for several days until battle was waged on the fourth day.
“Get the grappling hooks!” said Tory
The men from the O’really then got on the hooks and started pulling. When the other ship was close enough the men jumped onto the other ship. A fierce battle ensued and blood was everywhere. The crew from the O’really then returned to their ship but the treasure was still in enemy hands.

Captain Tory had a plan to steal back the treasure. While the enemy ship was docked at port Tory would sneak onto the ship, steal the key for whichever room the treasure was in, and then get the treasure and get back onto the O’really.
The next day Tory put his plan into action.
During the middle of the night while no one was on watch Tory snuck on board the enemy ship.
Luckily no one had heard him for Captain Tory had particularly loud footsteps because of his steel-toed boots.
While trying to find out where the treasure was he heard two men talking. Tory found out that the treasure was in the Captain’s quarters.
“This is going to be harder than I thought,” said Tory
“Did you hear something,” said one man
“No,” replied someone else
“Must be the wind,”
“Must be,”
Tory then went looking for the key to the Captain’s quarters. He looked near and far but was having no luck finding where the keys were.
Finally, he saw that one of the crewmen had a set of keys.
“Come here,” Tory whispered
When the crewmen with the keys was out of sight of the others Tory attacked. To make sure that there was no evidence Tory took the keys and then dumped the body into the ocean.
“Now, I just have to find where the Captain’s quarters are,” said Tory
Tory quickly found where the room was and after trying what seemed to be thousands of keys he found one that would open the door.
When he entered the room, he found that it was decorated very lavishly. He quickly saw that the treasure was under the bed and he grabbed it. Suddenly, the captain of the other ship came in.
“What are you doing here!” he exclaimed
Tory quickly made his way to the door and got out of the room just in the nick of time.
Then he started running as fast as he could and then suddenly the whole crew started chasing after him.
Luckily he got himself off the boat and then he cut the rope that attached the other ship to the dock.
The crew of the O’really yelled in rejoice when they saw Captain Tory walk back onto the ship with treasure in one hand and himself in one piece.
Just when Tory thought the madness was over the other ship again opened fire on the O’really. The sails of the O’really came crashing down and Tory was able to sidestep the giant sails by only a few inches.
The O’really fired back and the cannon made a huge dent on the side of the other ship.
Suddenly, what seemed to be a giant squid creature came up and swallowed the enemy ship.
The crew of the O’really was in shock as they heard the dying screams of the men on the other ship.
For some reason though, the giant squid did not attack the O’really. The crew then named the creature “Kraken”, because it created a big crack in the other ship.
The crew then returned to land because of their fear of the Kraken.
The men told their story to the world but they were called liars. But they know what they saw on that fateful day.

5 years later, the men of the O’really set out to catch the Kraken. They were determined to prove to the world that they weren’t liars,
With them, they brought some of the world’s finest fishing technology.
They set out on the morning of July 14.
Nobody ever knew if they caught the Kraken or not for the crew of the O’really never came back. Some say that he Kraken had attacked while some say something “else” happened.
There was one survivor of the group though. He was one of the deck-hands. His name was Jim Tracy.
Seeing all of his friends die made Jim go crazy.
50 years later he escaped the mental institution he was locked up in.
Today he is a proud grandfather and grandfather with 1 son and 2 grandchildren named Eliza and Isaac.
“But that is our names,” said Eliza
“Did that really happen?” said Isaac
“Yes,” said Grandpa
“How do you know?”
“Because I was Jim Tracy,”

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